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'Harry Potter Collection'
Official Shop Opening Day Report
by Akichoro

CBD site staff Akichoro visited the newly opened Harry Potter official goods shop, 'Harry Potter Collection- World of Books'@in Yokohama city, Japan on the opening day of Feb. 1 2004.@She took these great photos and sent them to the site with detailed explanation. Thank you so much Akichoro!
Of course items with Mary Grandpre's illustlations are wonderful, but more surprisingly to us, some PoA movie props are displayed there, including Firebolt, Harry's new broomstick! They say those are REAL ones, not replicas.

(Feb. 5 update- WB's HP official site (in Japanese) has announced the store's opening on HPC page. Right now no online shopping service seems to be available though.)
Feb. 6 update- To see hi-res pics of the Firebolt, other props and more of the store, click here in our gallery. We know we are a Daniel site but are happy to present these pictures because Akichoro's photos are so irresistable :-)

Feb.27 update : Robyn from US kindly made a graphic for us and combined the split pictures of Firebolt! Thank you so much!! (Click to enlarge)

Text and Photo by Akichoro
Editing/translation by Hirame
The moment you get out of the newly opened 'Minato Mirai' subway station, you can see the Harry Potter period-limited shop. I arrived there about 10 minutes past the opening time, but had to wait for an hour to go into the shop. (By the time I left, there had been no entrance limit though)

This is the overview of the shop. It's not huge, but the atmosphere was really nice with the tables placed outside.

This was taken from the entrance of the shop. I know it's a bit too crowded and you can't see the details (smile). I actually asked one of the clerks that if I could take pictures for my countryside friend (who's that? LOL) and they graciously said OK, unless I take pics of the mini-gallery next to the shop. (Editor's note: it features Mary Grand-Pre, the illustlatior of English version of Harry Potter) So I took so many pictures - well, you get things when you ask!

I had cravings for all of these things displayed. They took me to the world of Harry, with goods of illustlation of original Harry Potter books.

These items are rather expensive. They've got good taste!
This area and the stationary corner near here were packed with kids, because the prices were pretty reasonable. Especially postcards were sold well.
This is in front of the future PoA goods area, which is not opened yet but I'm really waiting to see!!!
When I saw this sign I could hardly wait and so excited alone!!

(note: the sign says: Opens in early summer!!
Harry Potter Collection - The World of Films.
Here another shop will be opened, which will feature items related to 'HPPoA' movie, which is coming this summer. Don't miss it! Untill then... Try and peek the windows behind this wall. You will find those famous props that will appear in the film.)
I suppose all of this floor will be the movie related shop. It's twice as big as this picture. It's huge, no comparison with the book-related shop that opened today.

Have you noticed the long holes in the photo? These are the windows that are mentioned in the previous picture of 'coming soon' sign.
Do crouch here and have a look!!!

OK, many of you can never come and see...
From these small windows, th-thank goodness(!) you can see the props that were used in the filming of PoA (†ƒΓ…)b.

Firstly, this is the textbook of 'Diffence against Dark Arts'. (*note)

You may see it better from the actual window though... (^^UBThis is one of the sleeping bags Dumbledore conjured up with a swing of his wand, when Griffindors had to sleep in the Great Hall. Sorry it's not well taken (bow).

Professor Trelawney's crystal ball. It was beautifully lit up.

I tried hard but had to split this one in two pictures (tears). It's Harry's new broomstick, Firebolt. I had imagined more urban stylish type, but actually it's not like that, LOL.
I couldn't help simpering, peaking this from the small window and imagining Daniel flying on this broom (which is embarrassing!).

The Firebolt which was used in the filming.

Extra shot: It's taken from a higher floor. A lot of people are there, you see.

Next to the Harry Potter shop is a cafeteria called 'British Cafe'. They serve light meals, sweets and drinks. The menu are literally British! Like Guiness beer, fish and chips, scones, sandwitches, fudges and so on. Personally I think they could name it something like 'Harry Potter Pub'...

The pin badge they gave out as an opening promo.
The illustlation gallery had huge works like approx. 80x100 cm or 60x80 cm. There were message boards in Hogwarts House colors and visitors could write messages freely and stuck them on the boards.

Also between the paintings, House emblem thingies made with beadwork or beautiful glass works were displayed and I was so fascinated.

The current shop doesn't feature Harry Potter films, so if you're rather interested in actors it's not maybe for you, but it made me recall that there are so many book fans, because kids and adults were all shopping and choosing items very carefully.
They say the shop will be closed on Aug. 31.

(*note) It is confirmed by the official launching staff members of the shop that these props are all real, not replicas. Thanks to Pota from The Burrow for the information.
Akichoro "Actually I never thought those real props would have come to my local area and be displayed like that and I thought they were replicas!" No wonder - Hirame :-)

Dear Webmasters : You're welcome to copy these pics and upload them on your site, just please credit us. No direct linking to the individual pictures please, it will cause heavy traffic and could lead to unavailability of the site. Thank you!

Important (Feb. 9 update) We're just fans in Japan that visited the official shop, please don't get confused - we DON'T own the shop or work there, Warner Bros. does! Some fansites link us and say 'Official shop writes' etc, but the truth is this is a fansite, as indicated at the bottom of our toppage.

Shop info : 'Harry Potter Collection (HPC)' is situated in the shopping mall called '@ (At)!' which is a part of 'Queen's Square Yokohama', a shopping and leisure complex. According to 'At!' official page, HPC opens daily (with occasional exceptions) from 11am- to 8pm. It's a term- limited shop which will be closed on August 31, 2004. Sources say that 'HPC- World of Books' will be followed by a HP movie shop, 'World of Films' around April-June, though the opening date is not yet known (Source: courtesy The Burrow) which we can't wait!

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