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August 6, 2004

リンクしてね Link to me!



Link to me and I'll appreciate it!
However, no thanks with illegal or porn/slash sites please.

If you would like to tell me that you've linked,
just email me or write a few words on the Main Messageboard.

No problem with text-based linking.
Thank you very much!!
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When you want me to link to you 相互リンクについて

Thank you for your interest! See my requests below.
 相互リンクのお申し込みやリンクご報告メールで、「URLがない」方がよくあります(^^; 似たような書き忘れメールが続くと、「あの、○○がないんですが」等聞き返す作業が管理人のストレスになっていたりします(汗)
 等の情報がそろっているかご確認くださいね! ハンドルネームやURLがない場合、すみませんがお返事しかねる場合があります。
A Site that I would like to link to...
*has linked to my page and can show it
*does not include inappropriate contents (porn etc.)
*doesn't include scanned graphics from Japanese published marerials (magazines etc) if you live in Japan. It's too easy and in my opinion, their copyrights should be protected.
*entertains viewers with its originality. No sites with only the toppage and a forum!
*welcomes new visitors (OK if only some parts are limited to certain people)

If these conditions are OK with you, please email me about your site.
I would be very happy to be contacted by worldwide Daniel fans!!


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